The OzConUK Annual Cosplay Competition!


Think you have what it takes to win this competition? then GO FOR IT!

Dont think you can win? STILL GO FOR IT!!!!!!

This competition has a CASH PRIZE!

The winner will be announced at 2pm on Sunday 5th August.

Prepare yourself, you will be up against some BIG competition!


You will need to be 12 years of age or over to enter the competition.

All children MUST be acompanied by a responsible adult.


1. All weapons / props must be checked and certified before entering the stage for safety purposes.

2. All performances must be under 3 minutes if you wish to perform.

3. Judges decisions are final

4. You must enter the cosplay competition by collecting a ticket number and writing your name in print. This will be available for you to complete and collect on the door at the event. THIS TICKET MUST BE HANDED TO THE JUDGE AFTER YOU PERFORM. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE UNLESS YOU DO. GOOD LUCK!


Judging criteria: Just because you have a massive robot outfit on does not mean that you will win! this competition will be judged fairly.

The level of effort regarding costume design and attention to detail.
Overall appearance.

Representation of the portrayed character.


By entering the Oswestry Comic Con cosplay competition you agree to the following terms:  All prizes given are done so at the judges discretion. Prizes are non exchangeable. Any media recorded during the convention/cosplay competition can be used for Oswestry Comic Con promotional purposes. Oswestry Comic Con cannot be held responsible for any damages, loss or theft of personal items or costumes during the event.